Daily Check-in

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Daily Check-in

Post  Apocrypha on Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:26 am

Quest Place : Starglade

NPC : [Event Master-Starglade] at [X:80 Y:42]

Duration : Can do it 1 time a day.

Subject : easy, go to the NPC at in Starglade, click on daily sign in. if completed multiple times daily u get free items on days 3,6,9,11,15. ! more to come on the contents of bonuses.

Rewards :
3 Days: 1x Double Experience Token
6 Days: 1x 1 Hour AFK Card, 1x Maturity Whip
9 Days: 1x Double Drop Rune
11 Days: 1x Mana Orb
15 Days: 1x Health Orb, 1x Pack Expander


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